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Chris Traeger Quotes

If there’s one thing Chris Traeger can do, its talk. Whether he’s saying how much he enjoys something or describing his feelings, literally, Chris Traeger quotes are always very expressive. Without further adieu, I present my favorites.

When Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope are going out for a beer:

Don’t keep him too long. I need somebody to be here when I take my multi-vitamin. It is a choking hazard.

When Ben says they have to shut down the Freddy Spaghetti concert:

Damn, that’s terrible news. Surely there has to be a solution Ben?

Ben says no. Sorry everyone.

When asking Ann Perkins out after a drunken make out session:

I thought we had a great time the night you got drunk and kissed me. And … you did use your tongue.

When Ann asks why he’s so positive all the time:

I was born with a blood disorder and my parents were told I had three weeks to live. And here I still am. Some 2,000 odd weeks later and I have enjoyed every one of them.

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